October 2014 in review

This is the first of what I believe could become a monthly series of posts. Each post will review the past month in two different ways. First, I’ll review my own activities over the past month. Second, I’ll review the impact over the last month of stuff I have created cumulatively over my lifetime.

What I’ve been doing

The header links are to general pages on my site.

  1. Job: I’ve been busy with my full-time job as a data scientist and machine learning person at LiftIgniter. I hope to share more information publicly about my work in the next few months.
  2. Wikipedia: As you can see from my new page creation history, I didn’t create any pages on Wikipedia this month. I did, however, make a number of minor edits.
  3. Subject wikis: I haven’t added new content to any subject wikis.
  4. Open borders: I discontinued the weekly Open Borders Action Group roundups that I had been writing. The most recent one is from September 29, 2014. I also worked sporadically on some post drafts, but didn’t publish anything, and may not get around to publishing anything in the coming month either.
  5. Cognito Mentoring: It’s continued to be dormant, but I’ve been continuing to informally advise some of the former Cognito Mentoring mentees.
  6. Quora: I asked about 16 questions and wrote about 8 answers.
  7. Other social media: I created an OKCupid profile. I’ve continued to add more friends on Facebook and had many interesting discussions there.


All counts are within the month of October (2014).

  1. Job: Too early to evaluate and disclose.
  2. Wikipedia: Wikipedia pages created by me got a total of about 122,518 views in October 2014.
  3. Subject wikis: The top viewed subject wikis: Groupprops (104,663 views), Market (24,417 views), Calculus (24,757 views). The numbers are taken from Google Analytics and are available only to me.
  4. Open borders: The website got a total of 23,639 pageviews (excluding views by logged-in administrators). There will be a blog post for the site providing a more detailed update.
  5. Cognito Mentoring: info.cognitomentoring.org got 2,263 pageviews and the main site got 888 pageviews.
  6. Quora: My stats (accessible only to me) show that my questions and answers collectively got about 16,400 pageviews over the month.