Effective altruism

This post gives some general information on my interest in effective altruism. For my history of financial donations, see here

I’ve had some involvement with the effective altruism movement (central website, Wikipedia page, list of learning resources, Facebook group).

I post reasonably often in the Effective Altruists Facebook group, and I recommend that you join the group if you’re interested, even if you don’t identify as an effective altruist in the strong sense.

Organizations whose staff and former staff I’ve been in touch with include GiveWell and Giving What We Can.

Some of my writings related to my personal involvement with effective altruism as well as some general observations concerning it:

You can also read my posts in the Effective Altruists Facebook group. Some of my posts that I think are most interesting are listed below. Note that my views as expressed in these posts may not reflect my current views.

Basic information