In December 2013, I received a doctoral degree from the University of Chicago. My thesis title is Lazard correspondence up to isoclinism. The subject area is group theory. My thesis advisor was Professor George Glauberman. My second advisor was Professor Peter May. I also received help from Professor Jonathan Alperin. Errata related to the thesis will be maintained here.

Below are links to the thesis as submitted. Note that this may contain errors and omissions. It’s a lengthy document and I was crunched for time with respect to proofreading. I will include updated versions with the errors fixed, but the link to the submitted version will continue to point to the submitted version.

  • Thesis as submitted: This link will always point to the thesis as submitted. Here is a version with one-half spacing instead of double-spacing, better if you want to print it out and don’t have free paper.
  • Thesis (current version): As of July 7, 2019, there are no differences between this and the submitted version, but as and when differences emerge (due to my discovering errors or clumsy phrasing that needs to be improved), I’ll update the file linked here. Here is the version with one-half spacing instead of double-spacing.
  • Seminar talk notes: I prepared these notes for a few seminar talks I gave related to my thesis. The notes are not fully self-explanatory, since they were intended only for my personal use. In conjunction with my full thesis, they should make sense.

When I get time, I will add links to pages on the Groupprops wiki that state the main results along with examples.

Updates since the thesis:

  • Conjecture 4.1.28 was disproved in an answer to the equivalent question on Math Overflow. The question had been asked on March 12, 2013 (a few months before the thesis was completed). The answer disproving the conjecture was submitted on October 17, 2016 by YCor. Read the question and answer here. I have also updated the Groupprops page here.

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