I have an account with username vipulnaik on PredictionBook. I created my first prediction on the site on November 13, 2016, and have been using it reasonably regularly since then.

I generally make lots of predictions together. Predictions are often at monthly, quarterly, or annual cadence, so I’ll make a bunch of predictions around the turn of the month. Some domains where I make predictions:

  • Wikipedia view count trends (this is related to my ongoing work on Wikipedia Views and my great decline revisited draft blog post).
  • Whether a product or service will continue to be active at a certain date.
  • Expected technological or product improvements as of a certain date.
  • Valuations, revenue, money moved estimates.
  • Whether a piece of information will be published by a certain date.
  • Predictions related to BART: station opening dates, riderships, fares.

Basic information