LessWrong (Wikipedia page) describes itself as a “community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality.” Starting September 2013, I’ve been posting and commenting on LessWrong. My profile is here. I post on these themes:

  • Stuff related to productivity and well-being, mostly drawing from my personal experience.
  • Reviews or commentaries on online courses, movies, and TV shows.
  • Research and thinking on technological progress, mostly related to my contract work for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.
  • Thoughts on how students and learners can best achieve their potential and contribute to the world, closely related to my exploration for Cognito Mentoring.
  • (Occasionally) stuff based on my interest in effective altruism.

I recommend you check out the content on LessWrong. Anybody can join and contribute to LessWrong. Even if you don’t intend to post, having your own account allows you to comment, vote, and message other users.

Basic information