During my high school years, I composed some music using Magix Midi Studio. I didn’t have formal music training, and and none of the compositions used any live recording. Unfortunately, many of the MIDI compositions were lost due to a disk crash (though I still remember the tunes). Fortunately, one of the best ones (in tune, not in execution, unfortunately) survives. Note that its current MP3 sound is different than what I had originally mixed it with, because the MIDI instrument set used by the converter isn’t exactly what my Magix MIDI Studio had.

I’ve linked to it below. There are four versions of the file.

  • Long version, with full development of the tune, broken into three acts (MIDI, MP3). This takes time to develop, so you may want to listen to the simplified version first.
  • Simplified version, with only the main theme (MIDI, MP3).
  • Very basic version of the theme, using only a single instrument (MP3).
  • The theme with a backdrop “Om Bhoor Bhuva Swaha” (a well-known Indian hymn) — the instrumentation is a bit wonky and fusion-y, and one instrument that shows up occasionally is off-key, probably due to MIDI instrument set differences (MP3).

I hope to redo this song and other songs at some point in the (far) future, but it’s a low priority for me.

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