During my high school years, I composed some music using Magix Midi Studio. I didn’t have formal music training, and and none of the compositions used any live recording. Unfortunately, many of the MIDI compositions were lost due to a disk crash (though I still remember the tunes). Fortunately, one of the best ones (in tune, not in execution, unfortunately) survives. I’ve linked to it below. There are three versions of the file.

  • Long version, with full development of the tune, broken into three acts (MIDI, MP3). This takes time to develop, so you may want to listen to the simplified version first.
  • Simplified version, with only the main theme (MIDI, MP3).
  • Very basic version of the theme, using only a single instrument (MP3)

I hope to redo this song and other songs at some point in the (far) future, but it’s a low priority for me.

Basic information