I’ve had important involvement in a founding or key role in the following. Some of the projects are currently active, whereas others are on hiatus.

  • Cognito Mentoring (external link): A project that aims to provide advice, guidance, and resources for students seeking intellectual stimulation and development.
  • The Subject Wikis website ( (external link): A collection of subject wikis on multiple subjects. These are intended as references for people learning or reviewing the subject; they are not intended as substitutes for textbooks to learn from but rather as references to use on the side. The subject wiki I worked most on was Groupprops, which focuses on group theory, the broad area in which I did my Ph.D. research. As of December 2013, I’m not actively working on any of the wikis, but I’m most interested in improving Market, Learning, and Calculus.
  • Vipul’s Classroom (external link, direct link to YouTube channel): A project to create educational videos, mostly related to mathematics, undertaken in collaboration with Ruinan Liu. The project has been suspended, but the videos already created are available. Most videos were shot between April and July 2012, while a few were shot in August-October 2012.
  • Open Borders: The Case ( (external link): A website devoted to discussing and debating open borders, largely from a perspective sympathetic to the presumption of free migration. I created the site in March 2012 (the full site story is here). The site is still active but is managed by a team of other individuals. I am still involved with the site but only on the sidelines.
  • Music: While in high school, I composed some music. A small fraction of it survives a disk crash, and you can access it. I might return to composing music and resurrecting my past compositions with more professional instrumentation in the far future.

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