This page includes small activities that I’ve been engaged in that are not parts of larger projects or my teaching or research, but that I hope will be helpful to other people.

  • Exposition: Over time, I’ve written a few stray pieces related to mathematics that were not part of my teaching, research, or organized projects. This includes material I wrote up during the first two years of graduate study, and also includes material I wrote in connection with the Olympiads.
  • Effective altruism: I’ve had some involvement with the effective altruist movement, including writing a blog post, donating money, and active participation on the Facebook group.
  • Wikipedia: I was a regular Wikipedia editor around 2005-2006, then stopped editing for a few years, and again made a number of edits in 2012-2013. My Wikipedia user profile is here and you can see my contributions here.
  • Quora: I’m a sporadic participant on Quora. My profile is here. My questions and answers there are wide-ranging and not limited to any particular domain.
  • LessWrong: I’ve blogged for LessWrong, partly in connection with work for MIRI, partly in connection with Cognito Mentoring, and partly to share other thoughts.
  • MathOverflow: I participated somewhat on MathOverflow in its early years, although I no longer participate regularly. My profile is here. I found it a useful resource for work related to my research, but I also asked and answered many stray questions there.

Basic information