You can connect with me through any of these methods:

  • Email me at Note: If you’re an Indian high school or college student interested in mathematics, please read this before emailing me: the article gives all I have to say on the topic and on what sort of queries I may or may not be able to help with.
  • Send me a message or friend request through Facebook. My account is located here. Please note that if we do not have mutual friends on Facebook, your message may go in my Other folder and I may not see it for quite some time. If you pay Facebook something like $1, you can have the message delivered directly to my main messages inbox. But email may be a better option for you, considering that it’s free. Facebook is also a nice way to stay connected. I check Facebook almost continuously while I am online. Note: I get a lot of spam friend requests. So if we do not have mutual friends and you neither email me nor pay that $1 to deliver to my main messages inbox, I might never hear from you. Even if you send me a friend request, I may have no idea who you are so I may not accept your request.
  • Connect with me on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @vipulnaik_r but I don’t actively use Twitter.
  • Follow or message me on Quora. My Quora profile is here. I check Quora notifications regularly (about once a day), but more intense forms of Quora activity (in the sense of asking questions or writing answers) are more sporadic. More about Quora here.
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn. My profile is here. But I don’t use LinkedIn on a regular basis. I mainly just go to the website to accept and send invitations. If we don’t know each other, please make sure to contact me through some other means (preferably email) before connecting with me on LinkedIn. I do not accept unsolicited LinkedIn requests.
  • I also have an OkCupid profile here, but I’m not active on the site. I mainly use it for browsing other people’s profiles and learning more about the range of different people’s views on a diversity of issues.
  • I post and comment frequently on LessWrong. My LessWrong profile is here. More about LessWrong here.

If you’d like to know more about what I’ve been doing and what impact I’ve been having of late, you can read my sporadically updated blog. Or, for more regular updates, check out

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