Quora is a general-purpose question-and-answer website. The site launched publicly in January 2010. I joined it in June 2011.

As of October 19, 2013, I had 427 Quora questions and 274 Quora answers. According to my statistics, my questions and answers had received a total of 328K pageviews over Quora’s lifetime. You can access my questions, answers, and other Quora activity through my Quora profile.

The social value of writing questions and answers on Quora remains unclear to me. However, I do intend to write questions and answers on Quora to the extent that it also meets some other goals of mine (such as helping me learn something I want to know, or helping other people learn something specific that I consider important). I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on the relative social value of Wikipedia editing and contributing to Quora. This Quora question of mine is closely related.

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