I have done research in a number of areas. Some of the research areas are listed below.

  • Thesis: Lazard correspondence up to isoclinism: My Ph.D. thesis was about extending the Lazard correspondence to a correspondence up to isoclinism. This is a topic in an abstruse part of group theory. I intend to put up a somewhat modified version of my thesis on the web (at the page linked above) at some future stage.
  • Group theory research: In the years leading up to my Ph.D., I considered a few problems in group theory where I either got partial results or didn’t manage to make headway. In some cases, I solved the problems completely but they weren’t important enough to be worth publishing. I’ll collate all these and put them at the linked page.
  • I helped a friend with some technical mathematical details of a computer science paper, and he invited me to be co-author. The paper is here. Slides prepared by my co-author for presentations of the paper are available here.
  • MIRI: Starting January 15, 2014, I’ve been doing contract research work for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Some of my work has been made public.
  • Demographics: In the period January-March 2014, I reviewed and summarized the literature on ultra-low fertility as contract work for Raaj Sah.

Basic information