I started editing wikiHow (website, Wikipedia page) on Saturday, May 16, 2015. My user page is here and my talk page is here. My first edits were on the page Ride Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). I subsequently created a related page Ride BART from the East Bay to San Francisco.

Some observations regarding editing wikiHow:

  • In contrast to Wikipedia, wikiHow has staff and volunteers who offer active encouragement and welcome to new editors. On Wikipedia, new editors are often greeted with highly functional criticism (generally regarding concerns of notability and reliability). The ratio of positive to negative feedback on WikiHow is way higher.
  • Thresholds for notability and reliability on WikiHow are lower.
  • There is much more low-hanging fruit regarding topics to create.
  • WikiHow gets about 1-5% the traffic that Wikipedia gets (based on rough estimates). It’s not clear how much this is because of having less content so far and how much this is because of Wikipedia being more highly regarded by users and search engines.

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