The Arena Group (return)

I resumed work at The Arena Group (where I worked prior to Equator) starting Monday, March 6, 2023. I’m working in a part-time role.

Equator Therapeutics

Starting April 19, 2022, I began work at Equator Therapeutics as its head of data science. I started the job part-time. I transitioned to full-time starting October 1, 2022. The company’s co-founder and CEO is my former housemate and Cognito Mentoring collaborator Jonah Sinick. That’s how I heard of the company and it was one of the reasons I was interested enough to explore the possibility of working at Equator.

Feedback about my performance at Equator led the Equator leadership to conclude that I would not be a good long-term fit at Equator. Based on this decision, as well as timelines communicated to me, I decided to leave Equator. My last day at Equator was March 3, 2023.

I learned a lot of things in my short stay at Equator, and may say more about these learnings in a few months’ time, after getting more time to reflect on my experience.

Maven Coalition (renamed to The Arena Group)

Starting February 16, 2020, I became an employee of the Maven Coalition (later renamed The Arena Group) as a result of its acquisition of LiftIgniter (formally completed and announced in March 2020). I switched to a part-time position on April 19, 2022 and my last day at the company was September 30, 2022.

You can read more about my Maven experience here.


Starting August 18, 2014, I’ve been working full-time for LiftIgniter, a Series A-funded company (and Y Combinator alumnus) that used machine learning technology to help websites and apps with personalizing their on-site recommendations. My role involves a mix of data science, designing and improving machine learning algorithms, writing code, customer support, and coordinating the work of other employees.

Some Quora answers related to what work at the job is like (I’ll update this list as I write more answers):

Some wikiHow articles I have created as a result of experience I have acquired while working are listed below. All of these were created in my personal capacity, and do not cite or reference anything specific or unique to my job. However, I would not have been interested enough in, or knowledgeable enough about, the topics to write about them if it hadn’t been for my job.

My experience at the job has also helped enhance my interest in other topics around popularity and web metrics that I was anyway interested in, though it is possible I would have written about them anyways. Some articles in this category are:

I had finished my Ph.D. in December 2013. In the interim months, I worked on a number of personal projects, including Cognito Mentoring. I also did contract work for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and for LiftIgniter.

For more on my work experience and skills, please see my LinkedIn profile.

For more on my daily routine (which is governed in part by my job) see my daily routine page.

For more on my experience working at LiftIgniter and its effects on the rest of my life, see here.

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