November 2014 in review

This is my second monthly review post. Based on some reader feedback, I’ve decided to restructure the review somewhat compared to my review of October 2014.


My data science/machine learning job at LiftIgniter has been taking up most of my time. The company will be launching a new website soon, and we’ve also got a very satisfied paying customer who will hopefully have a public testimonial about the company soon. More on this (hopefully) in next month’s update.

I also wrote a Quora answer somewhat related to my job in response to the question What is it like to work on machine learning problems in a business setting?

Although not directly related to my job, this answer of mine on how I’ve picked up some machine learning in the last few months despite lacking background in the subject may be relevant.

More on my job here.

Wikipedia editing

I created just one new Wikipedia page (Yeon-mi Park). Most pages I’ve created on Wikipedia haven’t been edited much, but this page has become the center of many edit wars, of which I was blissfully unaware until I looked at the page right now. The page as it stands now is significantly expanded from the version that I bequeathed.

Wikipedia pages I have created over my lifetime got a total of about 115,239 views in the month of November (you can see my pageview counts for all months here). My page on Giving Tuesday was the most popular, getting 9089 views. This page too has been edited significantly after I was done with it. Here’s the page as I left it.

Get more background on my interest in Wikipedia here.

Subject wikis

I’ve made almost zero edits to the subject wikis (with the exception of a few typo fixes). Traffic has been pretty good for them. Groupprops got a total of 99,940 pageviews. This was a 30-day month, so the dip relative to last month (104,663 pageviews) is explained partly by that, and also partly by the Thanksgiving break causing a slight dip in traffic. Year-on-year growth is 20%: the corresponding number of pageviews in November 2013 is 82,707.

Other subject wikis that got notable traffic: Market (24,953 views) and Calculus (22,383 views).

Traffic is likely to dip significantly in December due to the end-of-year holidays.

More on the subject wikis here.

Open borders

The Open Borders: The Case website had its best month. We’ve published a November 2014 in review post on the site. I urge you to read that if you’re interested.

A number of my blog posts got published in November, including some that had been in draft mode for a while. Here’s a list:

More on my involvement with open borders here.


My Quora content got about 18000 views in the month of November.

I didn’t add much new Quora content. Apart from the two job-related answers linked in the job section of this post, I wrote three more answers. You can access my answers here.

More on my involvement with Quora here.


At my suggestion, Sebastian Nickel started the Facebook group for Libertarian Effective Altruists on November 17, 2014. By the end of the month, the group had about 100 members. I’ve been an active participant in the group.