This page provides some brief information about me. I’m very interested in human intelligence, psychometrics, and moral psychology, and I’ve taken a number of tests over the years to get to know my scores in these areas. Scores of specific individuals don’t reveal a lot of information about those individuals. I would urge you not to read too much into these scores in the sense of information about me, but I hope the scores will be helpful for you in getting a better sense of how these tests operate and what they measure. I’m including the information for people who share my interest in these areas.

  • Cognitive profile: Raven’s tests suggest my IQ is about 137, or about 2.5 SD above the United Kingdom median. I seem to be stronger in the verbal than the visuo-spatial dimension, have good short-term memory, and have higher crystallized than fluid intelligence.
  • Personality profile: On the Big Five, I am open to experience, conscientious, introverted, midway on the agreeableness dimension, and low on neuroticism. My Myers-Briggs types indicator is somewhere between INTJ and INFP: the I and N dimensions are strong and stable, whereas the T/F and J/P dimensions seem to fluctuate.
  • Moral profile: My moral profile matches that of most libertarians: low on most things (except the liberty dimension, but that wasn’t around when I took the Moral Foundations Questionnaire).
  • Face recognition: My guesstimate is that I am about one standard deviation below the median with respect to face recognition. This isn’t quite face-blindness, but it is somewhat close. I’ve found partial workarounds to this, to the extent that it isn’t noticeable for most of my day-to-day interactions.
  • Genetic profile: If you’re interested in learning about my genetic profile, please send me a request via 23andMe with a message. My email ID is
  • Health profile (links off-site to a GitHub page that I try to keep updated)

Physically, I look like this:

Vipul photo in 2023
Vipul photo in 2023

Basic information